Help Oakland Art Murmur Identify Mural Artists!

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Oakland Art Murmur needs your expertise to help us identify and give credit to the artists whose murals have made our city a better place to live.

We track artists and murals using the LocalWiki system. This is a free service provided to the public by a dedicated volunteer network. Anyone can contribute to the information in the system, and the process for entering information is quick and easy!

In order for us to recognize artists, Oakland Art Murmur uses a special system of what are called “page tags”. You can see an example of page tags on the murals page in the photo below.

In this example, the blue tag-shaped boxes at the bottom that read “murals” and “portal”, with the little “x”‘s to the left, are called “page tags”. Just below them you will see a gray button that says “Edit tags”. Every page on LocalWiki has tags like this. To give artists credit, we create a special tag on each mural page that lets the Oakland Art Murmur software “know” who the artist is.

The steps needed to add an artist tag are as follows.

Step 1. Find the mural you want to edit. You can start searching by visiting the Mural Portal, which lists murals by name. Just click on the name of the mural you’d like to add artist information to.

Step 2. Read the info on the mural page. You may find that the artist is already mentioned, however, without the special tag, the system will not automatically give the artist credit. So, have a look at the tags on the page. Below is an example from the Grand Performances mural.

This page has many tags, including one for one of the artists (daniel galvez), but it does not have the special “artist” tag. Those tags always contain the word “artist” followed by a space and then the names of one or more artists.

Step 3: If no tag starting with the word “artist ” is present, or the names of the artists following “artist ” in the tag are incorrect, make a new, correct tag. To start, click on any of the tags, and a small box with a cursor will appear in the vicinity of the tags, as shown above. Below this box a “Save” button will appear.

Step 4: To get rid of an incorrect tag, click the “x” on the left side of the tag. To add a new tag, just start typing. In the example above, I typed “artist Daniel Galvez & Keith Sklar with Brooke Fancher and Karen Sjoholm” to match the info on the page. You will notice I did not use a comma! Typing a comma, or hitting return, will create a tag out of whatever you’ve typed.

Step 5: When the tag has been created, click the “Save” button. You will see a yellow bar at the top of the page acknowledging your contribution. You can reload the page and your tag will appear on the list. If your tag does not appear, make sure that you hit “Save” right after you type. If you click elsewhere in your browser or wait too long between editing and saving changes, your changes will not be saved.

Once the tag is created, Oakland Art Murmur will do the rest. Our software automatically scans for these “artist” tags and uploads the information into the mural map periodically. As a result, the artist credits will not change on the mural map immediately, but they will be included the next time the map is updated (right now that happens about once a month).

If you find that you’ve made a mistake, no worries. Just delete the tag or replace it with a new one, and the changes will be automatically updated.

Your help in making Oakland a great place to visit is deeply appreciated!