Properties of Co-Cured High-Performance Polymers

Polycyanurates are an important class of high-performance polymer resin, used on everything from nuclear fusion reactors to space probes. One of the features that makes these materials attractive to work with is that you can mix and match many different versions of this material to make a custom formulation. With a custom formulation, the properties of the material can be fine-tuned to meet performance requirements. In order to do so, you must have a good model for how the properties depend on the composition. A simple linear “rule of mixtures” often does not suffice.

In this paper, we examined a model system of three components to look for and model nonlinear features of the behavior. To do so, we built an experimental database of dozens of different properties. We then built a custom analysis routine to look for nonlinear effects, based on the concept that true nonlinear effects should exhibit both a smooth dependence on composition as well as a statistically significant departure from linearity.

The paper highlights the most interesting features we found and includes some good visualizations.

The supporting information provides more detailed data.