About Me

I am an award-winning data scientist / machine learning specialist who excels at turning quantitative data sets into actionable insights, translating those insights into added value, and then communicating that value to a broad audience.  My strengths include learning rapidly, bridging the technology and business realms, and building high-performance teams that help workplaces attract and retain the best talent.  Most recently I have pursued continuing education at the UC Berkeley Extension Data Analytics program to help me master the full range of modern machine learning methods.  Throughout my career, I have overcome adversity, adapted, and become successful, creating millions of dollars in new value “from day one” in  industrial, academic, military, and small business environments.  Success in these many roles has enabled me to move beyond what I am merely good at and focus on what I love doing – enabling people to gain meaningful value from the world of data.

I am relatively new to the Bay Area (after two decades in the desert) and I love living here.  I am looking for new opportunities to make this place my long-term home, while contributing to the community.  I am happiest when buried in a mountain of measurements, trying to figure out what they really mean.  I am busy learning and trying out the latest and greatest tools to do that efficiently.  Although I get more joy out of a table of numbers than most people would (or should), the accomplishments that I value most are the lives of the people I’ve been lucky to mentor and shape over the years.  My hope is to make those around me, especially those who are earlier in their journey, into people who far surpass me in every measure. 

This site contains information about my data science projects, links to other online profiles, and an archive of much of my published research. If you are an American, your tax dollars paid for much of this research, and you are generally free to use the results in whatever way you wish, so why not take a look?